Fachgruppe Deep-Sky (German work group Deep-Sky)

About the work group

This work group is part of the German astronomy club Vereinigung der Sternfreunde e.V. and deals basically with visual observations of deepsky objects. The main objectives are:

Most important here is teamwork. So everyone can contribute his or her ideas to design this website, projects and so on. If you are interested in observations of a special object for your own comparison or you have picked up an interesting object, please let us know. But you can also ask around the topics deepsky, telescopes, ... Just write a mail.

Besides observing objects articles are also welcome. These don't necessarily need to be printed in the VdS-Journal, but can also be made available on this site for download.

Basically everyone can contribute to this work group. Membership in the VdS is not required.

Due to the fact, that this is a German association, it is not possible to provide everything in English. Write a mail if you need help!