Deep Sky List (DSL)

Short Introduction

The Deep Sky List is a collection of many observations from different observers. The main goal of this list is to get an idea of how difficult an object is depending on aperture, magnification, used filters and NELM. Therefore a quite simple scale for visibility was introduced:

Diffuse Objects Resolvable Open Clusters Binary Stars
1 very easy, obvious very nice, obvious cluster (good for demonstrations) clearly separated
2 easily visible with direct vision nice, obvious cluster looks more like an '8' without dark gap
3 barely seen with direct vision perceptible as a cluster not separated
4 averted vision is needed less evident cluster
5 barely visible with averted vision can easily be overlooked, very inconspicuously
6 visibility is doubtful visibility is doubtful
7 not seen not seen

Besides this scale there are some other abbreviations used (character of an open cluster, structures present?, differences in brightness/color if binary stars, ...). If you are interested in this list and need more support I can offer a more detailed introduction on how to use it. You can also contact Dirk Panczyk (email), who is mainly responsible for the DSL.

Unfortunately this list will not be continued so the 9th edition is the last one! But maybe you want to have in addition a look at, where I have published my observations of many objects, especially galaxies. There is also an English version available!

Currently this list covers observations for the following objects:

Number of observations per object type:

Downloads (only in German!)