Skyguide - Selected objects for every season

The Skyguide should mainly give you some suggestions for own observations and will briefly describe 5 objects annually for every season. It contains easy as well as difficult objects, which are sorted by ascending difficulty. How difficult an object is, depends on several factors, especially quality of sky, aperture and experience of the observer.

For each object the most important information are given and if applicable a DSS image (Digitized Sky Survey). In addition you will find a chart, created by the free software Cartes du Ciel (Skychart), to get an overview of where the object is located. This chart shows stars down to a magnitude of about 8.0 mag. Telrad rings (0.5°, 2°, 4°) on the chart mark the position of the object. But basically I recommend creating your own finder charts. The visual descriptions are mainly based on my own observations and only serve as a reference point.

I - Spring II - Summer III - Autumn IV - Winter
2014 - skyguide-en-2014-2.pdf skyguide-en-2014-3.pdf skyguide-en-2014-4.pdf
2015 skyguide-en-2015-1.pdf skyguide-en-2015-2.pdf skyguide-en-2015-3.pdf skyguide-en-2015-4.pdf
2016 skyguide-en-2016-1.pdf skyguide-en-2016-2.pdf skyguide-en-2016-3.pdf skyguide-en-2016-4.pdf
2017 skyguide-en-2017-1.pdf skyguide-en-2017-2.pdf skyguide-en-2017-3.pdf skyguide-en-2017-4.pdf
2018 skyguide-en-2018-1.pdf skyguide-en-2018-2.pdf skyguide-en-2018-3.pdf skyguide-en-2018-4.pdf
2019 skyguide-en-2019-1.pdf skyguide-en-2019-2.pdf skyguide-en-2019-3.pdf skyguide-en-2019-4.pdf
2020 skyguide-en-2020-1.pdf skyguide-en-2020-2.pdf skyguide-en-2020-3.pdf skyguide-en-2020-4.pdf
2021 in progress...