Deep Sky With Binoculars - Bright Nebulae

This project includes a collection of visual observations of deep sky objects made exclusively with the naked eye or binoculars. It is remarkable how many objects are visible with such small instruments and shows that a telescope is not necessarily required. Of course everyone can contribute with own observations. A detailed description of the project and the submission format of your own observations can be found in the introduction.

Deep Sky Object Lists:
Objects 27
Visual Observations 79
Sketches 0
Observers 4
Uwe Brinker, René Merting, Uwe Pilz, Robert Zebahl
Type Magnitude Size Coordinates (J2000)
DSS II (blue) - 35×35'
NGC281, IC11, Pacman Nebula BN, EN b7m3 35.0x35.0' Cas 00h52m25.10s +56°33'54.00"
DSS I - 27×27'
NGC896, H3.695 BN, EN 27.0x13.0' Cas 02h25m48.00s +61°59'00.00"
DSS II (red) - 120×120'
NGC1499, California Nebula BN, EN 5m0 160.0x40.0' Per 04h01m00.00s +36°25'00.00"
DSS II (red) - 50×50'
IC410, LBN807 BN, EN 50.0x50.0' Aur 05h22m30.00s +33°23'00.00"
Sh2-276, Barnard's Loop BN, EN Ori 05h27m30.00s -03°58'00.00"
DSS II (blue) - 8×8'
Messier 1, M1, NGC1952, Crab Nebula BN, EN 8m4 8.0x4.0' Tau 05h34m31.94s +22°00'52.20"
DSS II (red) - 40×40'
NGC1977, H5.30 BN, EN, RN 7m0 20.0x10.0' Ori 05h35m16.00s -04°49'15.00"
★★★ ../images/dss/dss2red_053517.30_-052328.00_90_web.jpg
DSS II (red) - 90×90'
Messier 42, M42, NGC1976, Orion Nebula BN, EN, RN 4m0 90.0x60.0' Ori 05h35m17.30s -05°23'28.00"
DSS II (red) - 30×30'
Messier 43, M43, NGC1982, H3.1 BN, EN 7m0 20.0x15.0' Ori 05h35m31.00s -05°16'12.00"
★★ ../images/dss/dss2red_054143.00_-015030.00_30_web.jpg
DSS II (red) - 30×30'
NGC2024, H5.28, Flame Nebula BN, EN 30.0x30.0' Ori 05h41m43.00s -01°50'30.00"
DSS II (red) - 15×15'
Messier 78, M78, NGC2068 BN, RN 8m3 8.0x6.0' Ori 05h46m45.96s +00°03'37.80"
DSS I - 12×12'
NGC2071, H4.36 BN, RN 8m0 7.0x5.0' Ori 05h47m09.80s +00°18'00.00"
★★★ ../images/dss/dss2red_060942.00_+203000.00_50_web.jpg
DSS II (red) - 50×50'
NGC2174, Monkey Head Nebula BN, EN 6m9 40.0x30.0' Ori 06h09m42.00s +20°30'00.00"
DSS II (red) - 100×100'
NGC2237-39 & NGC2246, NGC2237, NGC2238, NGC2239, NGC2246, Rosette Nebula BN, EN 6m0 80.0x60.0' Mon 06h32m00.00s +05°00'00.00"
DSS II (blue) - 5×5'
NGC2261, H4.2, Hubble's Variable Nebula BN, RN 9m0 2.0x1.0' Mon 06h39m10.00s +08°45'00.00"
DSS I - 28×28'
Messier 20, M20, NGC6514, H4.41, H5.10, H5.11, H5.12, Trifid Nebula BN, EN, RN 6m3 28.0x28.0' Sgr 18h02m42.00s -22°58'18.00"
★★★ ../images/dss/dss2red_180337.00_-242312.00_80_web.jpg
DSS II (red) - 80×80'
Messier 8, M8, NGC6523, Lagoon Nebula BN, EN, RN 6m0 60.0x40.0' Sgr 18h03m37.00s -24°23'12.00"
DSS II (red) - 100×100'
Messier 16, M16, IC4703, Eagle Nebula BN, EN 6m4 Ser 18h18m48.00s -13°48'24.00"
★★ ../images/dss/dss2red_182047.00_-161018.00_60_web.jpg
DSS II (red) - 60×60'
Messier 17, M17, NGC6618, Omega Nebula, Swan Nebula BN, EN 6m0 Sgr 18h20m47.00s -16°10'18.00"
DSS II (red) - 100×100'
IC1318, Butterfly Nebula, Gamma Cygni Nebula BN, EN 45.0x20.0' Cyg 20h25m50.00s +40°10'30.00"
DSS II (red) - 80×80'
NGC6960, H5.15, Western Veil/Witch's Broom BN, EN 7m0 Cyg 20h46m10.00s +30°40'00.00"
DSS I - 60×60'
IC5068 BN, EN 40.0x30.0' Cyg 20h51m00.00s +42°30'00.00"
DSS II (red) - 90×90'
IC5067, IC5070, Pelican Nebula BN, EN 8m0 60.0x50.0' Cyg 20h51m30.00s +44°05'00.00"
DSS II (red) - 80×80'
NGC6992 & NGC6995 & IC1340, H5.14, Eastern Veil BN, EN 7m0 Cyg 20h56m30.00s +31°23'00.00"
★★★ ../images/dss/dss2red_205847.00_+441948.00_120_web.jpg
DSS II (red) - 120×120'
NGC7000, LBN373, H5.37, North America Nebula BN, EN 4m0 120.0x30.0' Cyg 20h58m47.00s +44°19'48.00"
DSS II (blue) - 90×90'
IC1396 BN, EN 165.0x135.0' Cep 21h40m00.00s +57°41'00.00"
DSS II (red) - 12×12'
NGC7538, LBN542, H2.706 BN, EN 8.0x7.0' Cep 23h13m41.00s +61°31'30.00"