Deep Sky With Binoculars - Planetary Nebulae

This project includes a collection of visual observations of deep sky objects made exclusively with the naked eye or binoculars. It is remarkable how many objects are visible with such small instruments and shows that a telescope is not necessarily required. Of course everyone can contribute with own observations. A detailed description of the project and the submission format of your own observations can be found in the introduction.

Deep Sky Object Lists:
Objects 25
Visual Observations 79
Sketches 0
Observers 4
Uwe Brinker, René Merting, Uwe Pilz, Robert Zebahl
Type Magnitude Size Coordinates (J2000)
DSS II (blue) - 5×5'
NGC40, PK120+9.1, Caldwell 2, H4.58, Bow Tie Nebula PN 11m5 1.2x0.8' Cep 00h13m01.01s +72°31'19.09"
DSS II (blue) - 5×5'
Messier 76, M76, NGC650, NGC651, PK130-10.1, H1.193, Little Dumbbell Nebula PN 10m1 2.7x1.8' Per 01h42m19.95s +51°34'31.15"
DSS II (blue) - 5×5'
NGC1501, PK144+6.1, H4.53, Camel's Eye, Oyster Nebula PN 11m5 0.9x0.9' Cam 04h06m59.39s +60°55'14.40"
DSS II (blue) - 5×5'
NGC1514, PK165-15.1, H4.69, Crystal Ball Nebula PN 10m9 2.2x2.2' Tau 04h09m16.98s +30°46'33.46"
DSS II (blue) - 5×5'
NGC2392, PK197+17.1, H4.45, Eskimo Nebula, Clownface Nebula PN 9m9 0.9x0.9' Gem 07h29m10.77s +20°54'42.48"
DSS II (red) - 5×5'
NGC3242, PK261+32.1, H4.27, Ghost of Jupiter PN 8m6 0.7x0.6' Hya 10h24m46.11s -18°38'32.64"
DSS II (blue) - 10×10'
Messier 97, M97, NGC3587, PK148+57.1, Owl Nebula PN 9m9 3.4x3.3' UMa 11h14m47.70s +55°01'08.72"
DSS I - 5×5'
IC3568, PK123+34.1, Lemon Slice Nebula PN 11m1 0.2x0.2' Cam 12h33m06.87s +82°33'48.90"
DSS II (red) - 5×5'
NGC6210, PK43+37.1, Turtle Nebula PN 9m7 0.5x0.5' Her 16h44m29.49s +23°47'59.68"
DSS II (blue) - 10×10'
NGC6543, PK96+29.1, H4.37, Cat's Eye Nebula PN 8m1 0.3x0.3' Dra 17h58m33.42s +66°37'59.52"
DSS II (red) - 5×5'
NGC6572, PK34+11.1, Emerald Nebula PN 8m0 0.2x0.2' Oph 18h12m06.37s +06°51'13.01"
★★★ ../images/dss/dss2blue_185335.08_+330145.03_5_web.jpg
DSS II (blue) - 5×5'
Messier 57, M57, NGC6720, PK63+13.1, Ring Nebula PN 8m8 1.4x1.0' Lyr 18h53m35.08s +33°01'45.03"
DSS II (red) - 5×5'
NGC6781, PK41-2.1, H3.743, Snowglobe Nebula PN 11m8 1.9x1.9' Aql 19h18m28.09s +06°32'19.29"
DSS II (blue) - 5×5'
Henize 2-438, PK64+5.1, Campbell's Hydrogen Star PN 9m6 0.6x0.6' Cyg 19h34m45.23s +30°30'58.94"
DSS II (red) - 5×5'
NGC6818, H4.51, Kleiner Edelstein PN 9m3 0.7x0.7' Sgr 19h43m58.02s -14°09'13.44"
DSS II (blue) - 5×5'
NGC6826, PK83+12.1, H4.73, Blinking Planetary PN 8m8 0.9x0.8' Cyg 19h44m48.15s +50°31'30.26"
★★★ ../images/dss/dss2blue_195936.38_+224315.75_15_web.jpg
DSS II (blue) - 15×15'
Messier 27, M27, NGC6853, PK60-3.1, Dumbbell Nebula PN 7m5 8.0x5.7' Vul 19h59m36.38s +22°43'15.75"
DSS II (blue) - 5×5'
NGC6766, NGC6884, PK82+7.1 PN 10m9 0.2x0.2' Cyg 20h10m23.66s +46°27'39.80"
DSS II (blue) - 5×5'
NGC6891, PK54-12.1 PN 10m5 0.3x0.3' Del 20h15m08.84s +12°42'15.63"
DSS II (blue) - 5×5'
NGC6905, PK61-9.1, H4.16, Blue Flash Nebula PN 11m1 1.2x1.2' Del 20h22m22.99s +20°06'16.25"
DSS II (red) - 5×5'
NGC7009, PK37-34.1, H4.1, Saturn Nebula PN 8m0 1.0x0.7' Aqr 21h04m10.88s -11°21'48.26"
DSS II (blue) - 5×5'
NGC7026, PK89+0.1, Cheeseburger Nebula PN 10m9 0.4x0.1' Cyg 21h06m18.24s +47°51'07.15"
DSS II (blue) - 5×5'
NGC7027, PK84-3.1 PN 8m5 0.3x0.2' Cyg 21h07m01.59s +42°14'10.18"
DSS II (red) - 30×30'
NGC7293, PK36-57.1, Helix Nebula, Eye of God PN 7m3 25.0x25.0' Aqr 22h29m38.54s -20°50'13.64"
DSS II (blue) - 5×5'
NGC7662, PK106-17.1, H4.18, Blue Snowball Nebula PN 8m2 1.0x0.7' And 23h25m53.60s +42°32'06.00"