Deep Sky With Binoculars - Sketches

This project includes a collection of visual observations of deep sky objects made exclusively with the naked eye or binoculars. It is remarkable how many objects are visible with such small instruments and shows that a telescope is not necessarily required. Of course everyone can contribute with own observations. A detailed description of the project and the submission format of your own observations can be found in the introduction.

Deep Sky Object Lists:
Objects 4
Visual Observations 22
Sketches 4
Observers 4
Uwe Brinker, René Merting, Uwe Pilz, Robert Zebahl
Type Magnitude Size Coordinates (J2000)
DSS I - 13×13'
NGC6366 GC 9m5 13.0x13.0' Oph 17h27m44.24s -05°04'47.50"
DSS II (red) - 11×11'
Messier 14, M14, NGC6402 GC 8m3 11.0x11.0' Oph 17h37m36.15s -03°14'45.30"
★★★ ../images/dss/dss2red_174618.00_+054300.00_41_web.jpg
DSS II (red) - 41×41'
IC4665 OC 4m2 41.0x41.0' Oph 17h46m18.00s +05°43'00.00"
DSS II (red) - 60×60'
Collinder 350, Cr350 OC 6m1 45.0x45.0' Oph 17h48m06.00s +01°18'00.00"